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Are you interested in working at a supportive, professional, and friendly organization? Well, you have come to the right place. Stop by Nurses On Call to learn about unique opportunities available in your area to start your career in health care. 

Take Full Advantage of a Professional Healthcare Staffing Agency

When you choose the staffing services of Nurses On Call Inc., you can count on the qualified care and attention from applicants of the highest caliber for your nursing staff needs. We have very high standards for our nursing staff applicants who we restrict to RNs and LPNs. Nurses On Call only accepts applicants who have professional nursing experience. We also validate credentials and administer an examination related to the responsibilities of nursing.

We are a locally owned and operated healthcare staffing agency that has been providing exemplary nursing staff to the Emerald Coast for the last 25 years. We are also accredited by the Joint Commission and the Agency for Healthcare Administration. We will guarantee the quality and professionalism of all the nurses providing nursing care in a variety of locations. Call us at 850-474-9803 to see how we can provide support to your health care facility.

How Our Rosemary Beach, FL Nurse Staffing Agency Works

Our staff at Nurses On Call Inc is composed of employees, we do not employ contract workers or freelance nurses. When you work with our team, you can be sure that you are receiving nursing services from qualified RNs and LPNs who have a passion for the job. We perform rigid background checks as per the guidelines in Level 2 Background Checks by the Agency for Healthcare Administration. We also handle FICA withholdings and income tax. Finally, we have our own in house Human Resources to address the various tasks of employing nursing staff. Take the easier path to hiring qualified nurses by calling Nurses On Call Inc.

Why You Should Affiliate Yourself With A Nursing Job Placement Agency In Rosemary Beach, FL

After years of study and months spent getting ready for your exams, you have finally achieved your dream of becoming a nurse. You cannot wait to finally get in the field and give back to society by offering help to patients who need nursing care. However, there is a hitch. You are not yet employed and you are finding it hard getting the opportunity to get a nursing job. If you are in such a predicament, you should seriously consider affiliating yourself with an accredited and reputable nurse staffing agency near Rosemary Beach, FL, like Nurses On Call, Inc.

How Will a Nursing Job Placement Agency Help Me In My Career?

Though there is always a demand for trained medical professionals, getting a suitable job in an environment that is ideal is a huge challenge. After all your years of study, if you want to maintain and perhaps increase your passion in your nursing profession, you should not just settle for the first job opportunity that you come across. Instead, you should look for a job that inspires you to wake up early in the morning. A job that you want to do even when you are not on call. This is exactly what nursing job placement agencies in Pensacola like Nurses On Call, Inc. offers.

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3 Main Benefits Of Associating With a
Healthcare Staffing Agency that services Rosemary Beach,

There are a lot of advantages to working with nursing agencies. They include:

1. Instant employment opportunities

Staffing agencies usually forward trained nursing professionals to many different institutions such as hospitals, retirement homes, assisted living communities, clinics, and even private clients. With such a wide client base, you can be sure that you will have an opportunity to put your skills to use and help patients in need the moment that you register with a healthcare staffing agency.

2. You get to choose who to work for

As stated earlier, there are many clients who source the help of trained medical professionals from nursing job placement agencies. As an affiliate of an agency like Nurses On Call, Inc., you will get an opportunity to choose where you work. Remember that studies have shown that you are more likely to derive a lot of satisfaction from your work if you can choose where and who to work for.

3. Flexible working hours

The job assignments that you will get through nursing agencies are not always permanent in nature. If you are looking for paid work where you can still choose your working hours, think of nursing agencies. With such agencies, you do not have to put all your other work down to practice your skills. Instead, you get to do what you love and do it best when your schedule can accommodate it.

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Small Agency but a Mighty Financial Reward:

Because we are an established nursing agency, we have many new registered nurse jobs available for qualified registered nurses. You can check out the locations of our current and previous nursing clients. Also, you can get a rough idea of the distances, directions, and travel times from your residential address. In our skilled nurse jobs, we include the following services:

● Enteral nutrition
● Enterostomal therapy
● Wound care
● Oncology care
● Post-surgery care
● Injections
● Diabetic care
● Monitoring the blood pressure
● Pain management

Rosemary Beach, FL utilizes Nurses On Call, Inc. The Premier Staffing Agency For Nurses.

Nursing staffing agencies treat their employees differently. For the best work experience, it is best to deal with a firm that puts your needs first. An agency that is willing to do all things within its power to ensure that you feel valued and appreciated. This is what we offer all the nursing professionals who associate with Nurses On Call, Inc.

At our staffing agency, we also put a big emphasis on ensuring client satisfaction. If you are looking for a professional business partner that gives you a chance to give back to the community while at the same time ensuring that you also advance professionally in your career, join Nurses On Call, Inc. Over the years, we have helped many nursing professionals live a fulfilling work life and we are committed to helping you do the same.

To ensure that our clients get the best services possible and our nurses have a better work-life, we are accredited and JNC certified. This essentially means that we have proven we are all about making sure that nurses and clients who affiliate with us always get the best of what they are seeking from us.

It is said that testimonials rarely lie. Over many years, we have helped countless nursing professionals get quality work opportunities that they enjoy across Pensacola and we could do the same for you. To understand why we are rated as the premier nurse staffing agency in Pensacola by both clients and nurses, simply go through our numerous verifiable testimonials which can be found on our website.

If you are looking for a fulfilling career as a nursing professional, let  Nurses On Call, Inc. help you in achieving your dreams. 

Per Diem RN Jobs

After a notoriously difficult time in nursing school trying to learn a new language (medical terminology) and caring for patients and family members, most graduate nurses can’t wait to start earning. As such, most new grads move into the hospital setting without exploring the various available options. That said there are per diem nursing jobs available in Pensacola for those who like the sound of never working on weekends, holidays, and picking a personal schedule for work. Per diem registered nurses are hired by daily pay nurse staffing agencies like Nurses On Call.

Put in simple words, per diem nursing agencies hire a nurse on a day-to-day basis, therefore a per diem registered nurse may work 2 days at one hospital, 3 nights in another, and so on. Per Diem nursing benefits are abundant, especially with reliable nursing job placement agencies such as Nurses on Call. We ensure that all our employees enjoy highly-competitive compensation, obtain health care benefits without being “full-time”, balance work and play seamlessly, and many other perks that are worth thinking about.

Contract Nursing Jobs Near Rosemary Beach, FL

This is yet another program where a contract RN completes all the responsibilities of a nurse but is contracted temporarily. Nurse contract jobs entail full-time hours and benefits which may run for 4, 8, 13 or even 26 weeks. During the contract, contract nursing agencies expect full-time commitment, after which a nurse can take their free time off to go on vacation or whatever else they choose to do.

The reality of the nursing world is that finding personal time and space is extremely hard. Can you imagine telling your supervisor: “I’m going on vacation tomorrow and will be back in three weeks, I need some me-time. Do me a favor and hold my position?” Luckily for you, daily pay nurse staffing agencies near me in Pensacola like Nurses On Call may be the option that best suits you. Nurses on Call is a great choice, and even when a contract ends, you are guaranteed that you are not out of work as more and more opportunities are available for us to renew your contract.

Nurses On Call, Inc. is a staffing agency for nurses that offers staff relief for hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, and psychiatric facilities. We also offer staff relief in the areas of industrial, occupational, and public nursing.  Call us today at 850-474-9803 and see how we can help your career!

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Our agency covers all Human Resources duties needed to employ a nurse.

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Rosemary Beach, FL - Our agency covers all Human Resources duties needed to employ a nurse.
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Why Choose Us?  - 401k savings plan for retirement with matching contribution.  - You will get paid for your time off.  - We will give you a benefits package plan.  - Get associate discounts  - Tuition reimbursement  - We offer a program for employee stock purchase.

Near Rosemary Beach, FL 32413
Rosemary Beach, FL - Why Choose Us?   - 401k savings plan for retirement with matching contribution. 
- You will get paid for your time off. 
- We will give you a benefits package plan. 
- Get associate discounts 
- Tuition reimbursement 
- We offer a program for employee stock purchase.

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