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“Thank you for all that you do and I absolutely love being apart of your team…!”
– Christine Vapore

Service Areas and Local Reviews

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Nurses On Call, Inc. is a locally owned nurse staffing agency in the Florida Panhandle area. We meet the needs of the local medical establishment by offering registered nurses and licensed practical nurses on an as needed basis. Nurses On Call can provide staffing in general and specialty healthcare areas when a shortage exists due to illness, vacation or census fluctuations.

Local Reviews

Celebrating with the UWF nursing department Karen's new adventure.

Celebrating with the UWF nursing department Karen's new adventure.

Eye health is important, and nurses can help patients understand how to take care of it.

Eye health is important, and nurses can help patients understand how to take care of it.

Celebrating nursing faculty at UWF

Celebrating nursing faculty at UWF

Learning how to support and keep employees engaged and avoid burnout. Networking with various groups to support elders and disabled individuals within the community.

Learning how to support and keep employees engaged and avoid burnout. Networking with various groups to support elders and disabled individuals within the community.

Working to help those over 65 live their best life!

Working to help those over 65 live their best life!

Redefining Staffing - Here's What We Do

As one of the leading nurse staffing agencies, we allow you to be in control of your life and work’s balance. You decide where, when, and how often you would want to work. With millions of shifts available in the private sector for specialist/general nurses, nurse practitioners, and health care assistants, discover how we’ll support you in delivering outstanding health care.

Providing Quality and Experienced Nurses to Facilities in Shortage

Are you looking for a registered nurse? At Nurses On Call, we provide RN employment to hospitals or nurse placements that have a hard time filling permanent or temporary ones. Also, we help to secure contracts for registered nurses to start working in a plethora of health care facilities.

RN employment of international nurses is becoming popular recently. Since an internationally-educated registered nurse is costly to hire, we specialize in providing them to facilities. Additionally, we sponsor the visa of the registered healthcare worker and charge a fee from the facility. 

If you are looking for a professional nursing staffing near me? Get in touch with us now!

Join Us! We’ll give You Support to Grow

At Nurses On Call, we believe that if we satisfy our associates, that will lead to healthier and happier patients. Thus, we can assure you that you will receive numerous benefits from working with us as a registered nurse. 

Be In Charge:

​Have greater control over your life and work balance when you find nurse jobs at our agency. You will be in charge of when, how, and where you work. That means you will have more choices over shift patterns, working hours, and income. When you find RN employment at our agency, you can communicate your preferences and availability to us. That way, we’ll secure suitable nurse jobs for you. 

Develop Your Career At Nurses On Call:

To begin with, if you work with us, you will have more access to versatile environments to work in as a registered nurse. As a result, you’ll get to learn multiple skills and responsibilities. Also, that will be a tremendous bonus for your CV and will add to your experience. Well, indeed, newly qualified nurses and students are often limited to assistant work. Moreover, with our agency, you can truly explore your skills and secure your first permanent position. 

Providing Support and Career Guidance: 

Working with us means that you can have our full support behind you. We offer advice and career help. Moreover, we will also help with matters like NMC revalidation. 

Explore Yourself With A Variety Of Nurse Jobs:

While some people prefer working in the same environment every day, some also like to change workplaces. Choose the best nurse jobs from the best agency. With the help of our agency, you can fit seamlessly into new exams. Instead of sticking at one hospital, working with us will allow you to enjoy new surroundings. 

Small Agency but a Mighty Financial Reward:

We catalyze your financial income. Quickly work with us and have a better financial remuneration. Well, it’s even more beneficial when you have plenty of availability. Do you want to maximize your earning by being particular in your work? Instead of juggling around shifts, you can tell us you’re only interested in night or day ones. 

We always go the extra mile for our patients. If you do too, join us! – What we expect from you:

  • Love traveling? Fulfill your traveling dreams along with work:

If you work at another agency, you will have to work at a fixed location. Facilities contact us and give us multiple assignments. Then we’ll send you to various locations to support a patient’s well-being. We’re making work and travel possible together. 

  • Born to serve – you’re supposed to assess a patient’s health regularly:

Being a registered nurse at our agency, you must assess the health of a patient. We will ask you to conduct interviews with patients before treating them and suggesting medical tests. That way, you can evaluate their overall health. We have a reputation for providing excellence. Thus, these procedures help us maintain it. Wouldn’t you want to work at a well-reputed agency? 

Find, Train, Shift – Leading the Way Of Staffing

Once you meet our eligibility criteria, we’ll hire you. After that, we thoroughly train our nurses so that we can deliver exceptional results to our clients. We will not leave you stranded. Moreover at our agency, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information you need for your job. Once you have experienced yourself, we’ll send you to hospitals or other facilities. Over there, you will make suitable recommendations to the facility to improve their outcomes and patient care.

Global Reach And Local Excellence – Nurses On Call   Leading You To Success:

We aim to create a network where we can get qualified international nurses and supply them to healthcare facilities. Besides, we’re the agency you can rely on for support. As a leading company, we want to move sharp minds to the right place. Our nurse staffing agency hires and recruits the best out of the best. 

At Our Agency, Don’t Take Tension and Work With Passion:

Why would you want to give up on so many benefits? Quickly pick up your phone and get in touch with us. We’ll help you reach the heights of success. Transform your career with Nurse on call.